Selling Owner DVD

The Challenges of the Selling Owner

 A new DVD from Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi

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Selling owners face a number of challenges:

No time to sell • Overwhelmed • In need of business but not knowing where to start • Watching another day go by without having made any sales calls • Frustrated over a lack of selling skills: Don’t know where to look, Don’t know what to say, Can’t beat voicemail, Can’t overcome objections…

Did I miss anything?

Recently, Kelly Mallozzi and I sat down and made a list of our own. All of these points were included and more. Then, we wrote and recorded a full-length webinar that discussed each of these challenges and provided some answers and solutions.

The result is a brand-new DVD called “The Challenges of the Selling Owner.” 

Imagine having your every sales question answered and being shown a blueprint for growing your business. If you have never sold before, we will give you a plan. If you are simply stuck (or if it’s been a while since you’ve sold), we will provide that push.

Sales Coaching DVDIncluded in this DVD is:

  • Where to look for prospects
  • Pre call research:  Words that get appointments!
  • How to create an effective prospecting process
  • Time management
  • Beating voicemail
  • Overcomingobjections
    • Your price is too high”
    • “We already have a vendor”

Plus, we give you a Plan to Succeed as well is to talk about ideas for Marketing your business!

This DVD program is a complete and comprehensive explanation of how to overcome all of your selling challenges and fears. Not only have Kelly and I trained thousands of print salespeople and Selling Owners; not only have Kelly and I both sold print, digital print, and variable data; but both Kelly Mallozzi and I are Selling Owners ourselves! We’ve been there and done that!

This DVD is now available. Be one of the first to own it! Suitable for both PC and Mac and with speakers’ notes provided, you will be on your way to more and better sales after listening to this 70 minute program.

The cost of the “Challenges of the Selling Owner” DVD is $149. Advanced copies are being made available to our customers for only $99. Shipping is free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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