Case Studies & White Papers

White Papers:

How to Make TEN Sales Calls a Day

Do you have time to make ten new business calls a day?

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The Sales Calendar

During the course of any given day, I’m involved in a number of phone conversations with salespeople and selling owners.

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Why Aren’t You Selling More?

Now, there’s a good question! I have uttered those five words a thousand times in the 20+ years that I have given sales seminars in the print, labels, and packaging industries.

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Summer Slowdown

Learn how to avoid the summer slowdown when everyone has a vacation auto-responder in place.

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Case Studies:

NAPL Case StudyThe Unwilling Sales Rep:

What happens when business drops off and you, as the owner, ARE the sales force? In the past, you’ve never known how to sell because you’ve never needed to know. Business has always come to you. But now, facing declining sales, an owner must become a Selling Owner. Find out how this was accomplished.

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NAPL Case StudyBeating the Summer Slowdown:

Come July 1 every year, business in this Mid-Atlantic print shop slowed to a crawl and stayed that way until after Labor Day. This “Summer Slowdown” is a common theme for printers and printing salespeople everywhere as customers scatter and attention is turned away from business in general.

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NAPL Case StudyRefocusing the Sales Staff:

NAPL sales expert Bill Farquharson helps the sales staff of a $20 million Midwest printing company become problem solvers instead of order takers.

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