Sales Reps: Why aren’t you selling more?

Introducing The Mobile Sales Club

True, this is a difficult selling climate. But consider this: the best way to sell more printing is to stop selling printing entirely! My customers take a different approach: They solve problems. As a result, they make more and better appointments which lead to greater sales and the return of the loyal customer. The Mobile Sales Club program teaches those skills.

“The system works! Thank you for your coaching… I received P.O.’s (and checks for 50% down!!!) for 2 new customers today!” Alan Goudge • Superior Litho

You will Learn:

  • A specific prospecting process for growing your sales;
  • How to overcome the “Your price is too high” and “We already have a vendor” objections;
  • How to manage your time and become more sales efficient;
  • How to beat voice mail (or at least how to use it to your advantage!);
  • How to research a company’s website so that your sales calls help them with a business issue, not just to give them a price on their printing.

“Hey Bill! Since working with you a while back, I have had an amazing run of record sales. I am already up 38% in Q1 over the same period last year”
Bruce Gleason • Print Tech

How it works:

  • Private coaching calls;
  • Group conference calls and weekly webinars;
  • A specific prospecting process;
  • Weekly accountability;
  • The cost is $497/month for the 3 month program
  • For more information call Bill at (781) 934-7036
Mobile Sales Club Enrollment

The Mobile Sales Club

Perfect for:
  • New salespeople who need a proven prospecting process
  • Veteran salespeople who need to rebuild
  • Owners who need to manage their sales people but don't have the time

About the background picture:The sun was coming up on the day and on my new company, Aspire For when I took this picture. The company was three weeks from launching and a new dawn was emerging.