Sales tip for the week of May 14, 2018

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I have two cats, Russian Blues named Sherlock and Mycroft. I once wrote about them in a Printing Impressions column, as a matter of fact. The article was about habits that cats have that might make them good mentors for salespeople.

Mycroft is a rascal. While he has shed many of his kitten-age habits, one he has hung onto is my favorite: chasing his tail.

This is sales tip is probably better viewed on YouTube because I plan to take the video clips I shot in my kitchen recently and make my point, but if you don’t have access I can do it this way…

Sometimes prospecting seems like you are chasing your tail. Appointments always seem just out of your grasp and the more you run after them the further away they get. It can feel like you are going in circles, reaching for a goal in an endless pursuit.

You would probably be tempted to give up after a while.

Mycroft has figured out that if he lays on the floor, his tail is a lot easier to catch up with. While he continues the chase from time to time, eventually he finds all of that work to be worthwhile.

I urge you to continue your prospecting effort. Make the assumption that the customer hears you, that your voicemail message gets played and you are making an impression on them. Assume that they will do business with you, just not today.

Diligence is the most important characteristic found amongst successful salespeople. You might end up dizzy, but it’s all worth it.

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