Sales tip for the week of January 8, 2018

Good morning!

A majority of people would like to learn a second language. Education companies like Rosetta Stone offer dozens of options and new to their list for 2018 is “How to speak Excuses.” Here are a few excerpts from their website:

“Everyone just buys on price”

Translation: “Because I knew nothing about the customer and nothing about their business needs prior to starting the prospecting process, the only thing left was to say ‘I can save you money.’ This led to a quote and since we are not the cheapest, I was not successful.”

“No time for new calls. My existing clients keep me wicked busy”

Translation: “I am in cruise control and lack the motivation to pursue new business.”

“They said they already have a vendor so I asked if I could be on their bid list and they said, ‘Sure’”

Translation: “I failed to differentiate myself and my company”

“No one returns phone calls”

Translation: “I’m not saying anything of value. Mine are just “me too” messages. Why would anyone return them?”

Remember, there are four keys to sales success:

  • Make a high value, well researched sales call where you identify business needs;
  • Call on your best target market, hot leads, and decision-makers, not order-placers;
  • Create a step by step, week to week prospecting process that consists of multiple steps;
  • Add diligence and pleasant persistency. Sprinkle in a little accountability, repeat frequently, and sales will follow.

If you speak fluent Excuses, know that there is better language: Success. This happens when you consistently apply your problem-solving sales solutions to someone who has a business challenge. By changing what you are saying, you will change what you are hearing in return.

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