The 90 Day Sales Blitz

Summary: How does it work?

What would 3 months of intense sales effort do to your new business sales? This is like hiring a personal trainer to keep you motivated and moving forward. It’s not complicated: Set a goal, make the calls daily, improve your efficiency, then reap the rewards.

<< An Owner/Manager saw me at Graph Expo and gushed, “Your Blitz program is the talk of my sales team. They love its competitive nature and even the reps who complained about being included are now raving about the results.” Dave Tulk, BottomLineInk”>>

As the name suggests, this program helps participants focus consistent, intense sales activity over a short (90 day) time period. At the same time, time management skills are sharpened so as to make more out of the selling day.

  1. Set a daily sales activity goal.*
  2. Get prepared for the next day;
  3. Be held accountable for making the calls
  4. Improve time management and prospecting skills

*How many NEW sales call will you make, at minimum, every day?

The best, most successful salespeople all agree: If you are diligent and consistent with your prospecting efforts, growth will follow!

The cost of the program is $150/mo for three months. It is money back guaranteed. The program begins whenever you are ready! After enrolling, you will receive a video that explains what to expect and how to begin.

Download the flier: Click here and then call Bill Farquharson to sign up: 781–934–7036 or

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